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Animal Pasta

Animal pasta is a delightful and unique Italian pasta that takes on the shapes and patterns of various animals, making it a favored choice among children and families. Below is a description of Animal Pasta, including ingredients, production process, and information related to the Vacuum extruder pasta machine, Pasta extruder machine, and Vacuum Pasta Press.



Flour: Typically high-gluten flour is used to ensure the dough has enough elasticity.

Water: Used to adjust the moisture and stickiness of the dough.

Edible coloring: Applied to give the dough, shaped like animals, vibrant colors for added appeal.

Production Process:

Dough Formation: Mix flour, eggs, and water until a uniform dough is achieved.

Color Addition: Divide the dough and add an appropriate amount of edible coloring to create different colored doughs for various animal shapes.

Utilizing Vacuum extruder pasta machine: This is a crucial production tool that, through negative pressure (Vacuum), squeezes the dough into the desired shapes, such as lions, elephants, monkeys, etc.

Pasta extruder machine: This machine aids in extruding the dough into elongated shapes while maintaining the clear outline of the animals.

Vacuum Pasta Press: By utilizing negative pressure, the Vacuum Pasta Press ensures a tighter dough consistency, preserving the details of the animal shapes.

Manufacturing Process:

Place the colored dough into the Vacuum extruder pasta machine, select the appropriate molds, and begin extruding animal-shaped noodles.

Use the Pasta extruder machine to elongate the dough, forming thinner noodles while retaining the clarity of the animal shapes.

Further processing with the Vacuum Pasta Press ensures an even dough, guaranteeing each animal shape has unique details and textures.

Once the noodles are complete, they can be cooked through boiling or frying, with the option to add seasonings according to personal taste.

This playful Animal Pasta not only stands out in appearance but also brings additional enjoyment to the palate. The use of equipment such as the Vacuum extruder pasta machine, Pasta extruder machine, and Vacuum Pasta Press during the manufacturing process ensures the dough's texture and shapes are perfectly showcased. Whether for children or adults, indulging in this unique pasta allows for an experience that combines food and creativity.